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Qualifying Standards
The Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 stage race is a true adventure. To truly enjoy and get the most out of the experience runners must be both mentally and physically prepared for the challenges of remote trails, extreme weather, and distance between aid stations. With this in mind the Gemini Adventures team has decided to implement qualifying standards for the 2016 race. Our requirements are not especially strict but we feel that they’re necessary for racers to understand the potential risks of the event. Qualifications will need to be submitted during the registration process and will be reviewed before registration is complete. Email a brief list of your category 1 and/or category 2 experience to our Race Director, Reid Delman. He will respond and confirm your approval, once that’s received you will be all set to officially register and become a Desert RAT.


These qualifiers are not based on athletic performance as much as they are on experience and trail time. The important factors are the ability to follow trail signs and keep your head about you in extreme conditions.


Category 1- Automatic qualifiers:
  • Having participated in previous Desert RATS stage race.
  • Have an official trail ultra finish, verified by a results link.
  • Have an official stage race finish, verified by a results link.
  • All 2016 racers registered before the implementation of these rules will be grandfathered in.
Category 2- Qualifier pending approval:
  • Have fastpacking/backpacking experience.
  • Having an official trail marathon finish, verified by a results link.
  • Have extensive experience working in extreme heat.
  • Submit a proposal describing extensive experience in extreme conditions that demonstrates specific and unique qualifying criteria, as determined in the sole discretion of the race director and application committee.
Runners will also be required to have a medical form completed by a physician within 30 days on the start of the race.


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