January – Letter from Reid

January Letter from Reid

January Letter from Reid |


It’s been 8 weeks since I broke my leg. I’ve been waiting for this moment for…well, 8 weeks. I was told it would be healed up in 8 weeks. I thought this meant I’d be able to throw off my cast and start upping my weekly miles.

Not only am I not running, but I never reached my sub-15 minute crutches mile – I’m barely even walking without my crutches. What can I do for adventure?

I can paddle. Time for a 27 mile flatwater paddle down the Ruby/Horsethief section of the Colorado River. It has all the makings of a sufferfest: endurance, freezing temperatures, beautiful scenery and the possibility of epic failure. True adventure. The key was to stop thinking of what I can’t do and figure out what I can do.

Check out the video of my trip.

Reid Delman
Gemini Adventures

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