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Training – Top 6 Foods for Post-Workout Recovery – Brendan Brazier US News

Originally published in US News and World Report   Whether you’re an endurance or strength athlete, recovery is a crucial component of your training. During your workout you’re breaking down muscles; it’s after your workout that you actually get stronger. Feeling stiff and sore for days after training can significantly reduce your ability to train […]
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Balance of Training

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A traditional training cycle includes a three week build cycle followed by a rest or recovery week. A build cycle steps up incrementally in intensity, volume/duration and specificity. Depending on your fitness level not all three elements should be increased simultaneously in a three week build cycle. During the course of a build cycle your […]
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Stage 4 Racer Posts

STAGE 4 Jim– The terrain today had me expecting to see Wile E. Coyote disapearing off a cliff in a puff of smoke, after failing yet again to catch the road runner. This place is beautiful in a badass kind of way. And since I’m running everyday as an unofficail racer, I’ve become a total […]
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