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This summer, my team and I have been contemplating the best ways for us to have an impact on the ultrarunning community. To this end, we revisited our mission- to bring adventure into people’s lives. 

Part of our introspection was to determine if each and every event in our current lineup successfully lives up to our carefully crafted mission. While we could argue that all of our events do in some ways, we all ultimately agreed that two of our events are lacking some of the qualities we seek to provide. That said, after careful consideration (and lots of lively debate), we have decided to cancel both the 24 Hours of Utah and the 24 Hours of Boulder. After 11 years of producing these 24 hour races both events have a special place in my heart and I will be forever grateful to all of you for participating and inspiring me over the years. Some of you have watched my children grow up and I have watched you develop as both people and racers. It is a difficult decision because of my personal attachments/feelings but one that we have to make for the long term success of Gemini Adventures. Cancelling these events gives us the opportunity to move forward and focus our efforts on creating world class events that live up to our mission.

We’ll spend the next few months working in the office and getting in the backcountry to refine and improve our existing races and tours.  We’ll be focused on our goal to help people access the wild and beautiful backcountry, explore their personal endurance potential and discover something about themselves along the way.

All preregistered racers will get a full refund. We’ll keep you updated, and as always, we welcome your feedback. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and want to thank you for your understanding.




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